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Bet $50, Get $50
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Valid December 2022
  • Good variety of markets
  • Valuable bonus
  • Mobile-only in Colorado
  • Established brand

WynnBET Sportsbook Colorado: 2022Promo Code & Review

WynnBET went live in Colorado in late 2020 through a partnership. They partnered with Bronco Billy’s Casino, the popular Cripple Creek-based gambling establishment. WynnBET’s entry into the crowded Colorado sports betting market brings one of the industry’s most experienced and established brands to the Centennial State, equipped with a lucrative welcome bonus for all new players. Read on to learn about WynnBET’s new customer bonus offer, a review of its app, the many betting options available, and more.

WynnBET CO Sportsbook Welcome Bonus Offer

WynnBET Sportsbook CO Promo Code XCOBETS
Bonus OfferBet $50, Get $50
Bonus ValidDecember 2022
CO License PartnerBronco Billy's Casino
Online LaunchDec. 2020

WynnBET Colorado is offering all new, first-time users an incredible welcome bonus! New players who register for an account with WynnBET Colorado can bet $50 on any sporting event of their choice and automatically receive $50 in free bets, win or lose!

This offer can be claimed by clicking on any of the links at the top of this page or by entering code XCOBETS during the sign-up process. From that point on, there are just two key steps to follow in order to take advantage of this offer. Both of these are highlighted below:

  1. Eligible players must first deposit at least $100+ upon account creation
  2. Eligible players must wager at least $50 on any single-game wager or parlay with odds of -120 or greater (+100, +150 would qualify, -150 would not)

That’s it! If you registered using our code XCOBETS and successfully completed the two steps above, you should be on the fast track to garnering some free bets. The $50 in free bets will be distributed within 24 hours.

Lastly, free bets over at WynnBET will expire if unused after ten (10) days. Always be sure to use them before you lose them and keep track of those expiration dates!

Why WynnBET?

The Wynn brand is well-known worldwide. Wynn hotels are in Las Vegas but can also be found in Massachusetts and Macau, a large gambling destination near Hong Kong. Wynn hotels are unmatched in quality and feature exceptional service and hospitality. As WynnBET Colorado indicates, the brand’s online sportsbook arm is a “premium online casino and sports betting” operator. The one that bettors in Colorado are sure to enjoy.

The app version of the sportsbook functions well enough and offers extremely competitive odds, including 10-cent lines. If you judge the app on its own, there isn’t a lot to complain about – it’s pretty solid in general, from its layout to the technology used. The recently-added desktop offering over in Colorado is a complete mirror image of the mobile app, offering all of the exact same features and functions. We’ll break down both platforms in further detail, down below.

WynnBET mobile app layout

The WynnBET Colorado mobile app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, free of charge. iPhone users can head over to the App Store, while Android users can download the app on the Google Play Store. There are no striking differences between the iOS and Android apps, as both platforms deliver the same quality WynnBET experience.

The WynnBET mobile app offers a smooth, relatively standard set up for an online sportsbook. The very top of the app allows for easy access to account features and banking. Just below, there’s a search bar (love to see a search bar!), a scrolling lineup of promotional adverts, and then it jumps into the available sports markets.

Whatever the highest profile sport of the day is will be shown front and center on the WynnBET mobile app homepage. If you’re looking for something more niche, the search bar near the top of the app can get you there. Clicking on the search bar will pull up the full A-Z list of available sports markets.

Once you’ve narrowed it down, say, to an Avalanche game, just click the wager you want. One aspect of WynnBET that we really appreciate is the way it displays your currently selected bets on the app, via a little stamp-like feature in the bottom right. As you add more items to your betting slip, the odds displayed will automatically update on the fly. This makes building multi-item bets, like parlays, a total breeze.

To actually place a bet, simply click on the stamp-sized bet slip in the bottom right corner of the app. It will load the bet slip, clearly lay out the odds and potential payouts, and offer the ‘Place Bet’ button to finalize. All bets that are locked in can be accessed at any time by clicking on the bet slip icon in the upper righthand corner. From there, players can view all active bets, all finished bets, and any bets that are offering a cash out option in the moment.

WynnBET desktop layout

After initially lacking a web-based platform for its bettors based out of Colorado, WynnBET stepped up and recently added a desktop site for the Centennial State. The website is a carbon copy of WynnBET’s desktop platform in other states, as everything was modeled after the brand’s mobile app. The desktop client offers a bit more screen space, allowing the bet slip to occupy the right side of the screen whenever a selection is added. A full A-Z list of sports markets is also available at all times over on the left side of the website. Promotions, live betting options, and popular upcoming games will always be found smack dab in the middle of the homepage on desktop, just like WynnBET’s mobile app. Aside from the location of a few items, there isn’t much to differentiate between the mobile app and desktop site, making the overall user experience at WynnBET that much more convenient.

Local partner: Bronco Billy’s Casino

As mentioned above, WynnBET has partnered with Bronco Billy’s Casino to bring its mobile sports betting product to the Centennial State. But that does not mean that Bronco Billy’s Casino has a WynnBET-branded retail sportsbook at its Cripple Creek location. WynnBET is merely an online “skin” for Bronco Billy’s, meaning that it partnered with the retail casino for market access, but it is not required to, and currently does not hold any sort of local retail presence.

In Colorado, sports betting companies are required to partner with existing retail casinos in order to bring their online brands to the state. Bronco Billy’s Casino has partnered with other sports betting operators in addition to WynnBET, including SBK Sportsbook as another online skin and TwinSpires for their retail location – which may be changing soon after TwinSpires decided to pull out of all sports betting and casino operations. This does not affect WynnBET customers aside from being unable to go to a retail casino cage to make deposits or withdrawals. Everything is online-only.

Banking options

Speaking of online-only, you are probably used to doing most of your banking online anyway, so not being able to drive to Cripple Creek to visit the casino cage shouldn’t be a huge deal – especially in the winter. It’s much better to make deposits and withdrawals through your phone from your couch. Let’s go over the banking options available to you when you bet with WynnBET Colorado:


PayPal is a popular option for online sportsbook operators and one that we recommend. It is easy to make deposits and withdrawals because the money is simply taken from your PayPal account rather than your bank account (you can also link your bank account and/or debit card to your PayPal account). This is important because some banks and credit unions do not allow their customers to make deposits at online sportsbooks. PayPal is available for both deposits and withdrawals at WynnBET Colorado, offering some of the fastest transactions in the industry.

Credit/Debit cards

As discussed previously, some banks do not authorize their customers to make deposits at WynnBET and other online sportsbooks via credit or debit card. In fact, WynnBET mentions this in their online FAQ about deposit and withdrawal methods. WynnBET accepts Visa and Mastercard deposits, but you may want to check with your financial institution first to ensure that you are able to deposit using your credit or debit card. This option only works one way, meaning a second banking method would be required if the player wishes to extract any remaining funds.

VIP Preferred eCheck

Using eCheck is a quick and easy way to transfer funds from your checking account to your WynnBET account. You just need to provide your drivers license information and checking account details and you will be all set. It’s important to mention that when using VIP preferred, it may take up to 3 days for the money to move out of your bank account, but funds will be available to use on WynnBet immediately.

Online banking

Much like VIP Preferred eCheck, online banking allows users to transfer funds to WynnBET directly from their checking account. The only major difference here is that instead of saving your credentials for fast and easy access, the online banking method will require players to log back into their online bank account for each individual transaction. If convenience is your thing, it’s probably best to stick with VIP Preferred eCheck.

WynnBET Play+ branded prepaid card

You can make deposits to a Play+ account that will immediately show up in your WynnBET account. Play+ is available at almost every online sportsbook and is easy to set up and manage. Be prepared to provide additional personal information, including your Social Security number and date of birth, to complete the registration process. Also make sure the information, including your address, listed in your Play+ account, matches the information in your bank account. If it doesn’t, you may not be able to make a deposit. Play+ is available for both deposits and withdrawals at WynnBET CO. Once the prepaid card arrives within 14 days, you can use the card to withdraw winnings at any ATM or use the card anywhere Discover is accepted.

Wire transfer

Wire transfers are extremely uncommon among casual bettors, as they require a minimum deposit amount of $1,000 and a little bit of extra leg work on behalf of the player. After filling in their desired amount, players will need to contact their bank and set up the wire transfer to WynnBET’s Bank of America account, which is listed under the Wire Transfer banking option on the app and website. Once WynnBET receives confirmation of the wire transfer from its financial institution, the player’s account will be credited immediately. It’s also important to keep in mind that wire transfers are only available for deposits, not withdrawals.

Bet types

Each state allows certain types of sports bets as part of their regulatory structure. The allowed bet types are usually in the rules published by the agency in charge of regulating the sports betting industry in each particular state, the Colorado Division of Gaming in this case. Colorado has allowed a wide variety of bets to be offered by sportsbooks in the state. Types of bets offered by WynnBET Colorado include:

Spread bet – This is the most common type of bet. You’re betting on whether a team will cover the point spread or not. If the Nuggets are favored by 5 (listed as -5), they’d have to win by 6 or more for you to win the bet. If the Los Angeles Lakers are 5-point underdogs (listed as +5) on the other side of things and end up winning the game outright or losing it by 4 or fewer points, you’d lose your Nuggets -5 bet. If the game ends with Denver winning by exactly 5 points, then nothing would happen and both sides would receive their money back, known as a “push.”

Moneyline – Another very common bet type, a moneyline bet is a simple wager on whether a team will win or lose the game. If the Nuggets are favored by 5 “against the spread,” they might be -180 “on the moneyline.” This means that it would take $180 to win $100, but you wouldn’t have to worry about the team covering the spread by winning by at least 6 points or more.

Parlay – A parlay consists of two or more bets put together into one bet. If you want to bet on the Nuggets -5 and the Colorado Buffaloes -4 in Saturday’s football game, you can combine both bets into a two-team parlay. You can combine anywhere from 2 to 15 different bets into a parlay bet. The only thing is that all the individual bets have to win for you to win your bet. Parlay bets are becoming more popular because you can bet a small amount of money to win a potentially huge payout.

Teaser – Say you think the Nuggets and Buffaloes will win this week but you aren’t sure they will cover the current point spread. You can “tease” the number down by several points. So if both teams are favored by 8 and you bet a 6-point teaser, you now have them favored by only 2. This is a more favorable number, but both bets still have to win and the payout isn’t as high as a parlay.

Futures – If you think the Nuggets will win the NBA Championship this year and you bet on them to do so, you just made a futures bet. The odds are usually pretty good because no one is really sure who will win the title at the beginning of the season, but on the other hand, you are forced to tie up your money for a long time when placing a futures bet.

Prop bets – Will the Nuggets’ superstar center Nikola Jokic score 20 or more points tonight? If you think so, you can bet on it. A prop bet is a wager on something unrelated to the actual score of the game. It usually has to do with individual players, but it can be related to teams as well. You can bet on the winning margin, how many points a player will score, or whether a team will lead at halftime and end up winning or losing the game. There are dozens of prop bets available for every game; high-profile events like the NFL playoffs have hundreds of prop bets available. The only notable exception is that college player prop bets are not available in Colorado, per state law.

Live/In-Play – Many people believe that live, or in-play, betting is the wave of the future. We are getting to the point where you will soon be able to bet on whether Jokic will make his next shot in real time while he is dribbling down the court. The technology for live wagering is rapidly evolving, and more and more live bets are being posted on WynnBET and other sportsbooks. The in-play odds are constantly adjusted during the game in as close to real time as possible. Live betting is a good way to hedge or double-down on your pre-game bets depending on if your team is winning or losing.

Round Robin – Here’s a secret: no one actually knows what a Round Robin bet is. They may tell you that it’s like a Parlay bet, but it is actually so complicated that no one makes the wager. Like calculus… Just kidding. A round robin wager is a combination of three or more wagers, like a parlay, but grouped together in a way that means you don’t lose everything if one of your picks loses.

Over/Under – Do you think the Nuggets will score more than 110 points in their upcoming game? If so, you can bet the over. If not, you can bet the under. An over/under, or total, bet is simply wagering on whether the score will be over or under a certain amount. You can bet over and under on specific teams, quarters, halves, or the final score. A player over/under would be considered a prop bet.

Sports markets

An available wager posted on a sportsbook is known as a “market.” So if a sportsbook offers the Nuggets -5 (-110), that would be one market. It’s called a market because the sportsbook has offered the betting opportunity, or “made the market” for the bet. The sportsbook is the “marketplace” that offers available bets, or markets. At major sportsbooks such as WynnBET, each game has dozens of markets; some larger events like the Super Bowl have hundreds of markets. Colorado regulators have authorized betting markets for every conceivable sport worldwide, from Australian Rules Football to Badminton to Cornhole (yes, cornhole!). This is great for bettors in the state who love taking a flyer on lesser-known sports.

Sportsbook operators in Colorado are allowed to offer markets on pretty much any competition or event, but most stick to the major sports worldwide. WynnBET offers wagering opportunities on all the major sports and has markets in the above bet types. Its breadth of available sports is not as wide as other sportsbooks, but you can get solid odds on major sports like NCAA football and basketball, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, soccer, golf, tennis, combat sports, and more.

Additionally, unlike some other states, bettors in Colorado are allowed to wager on college teams based in the state. So if you’re in Colorado, you can bet on the CU Buffaloes and Air Force Falcons along with the Nuggets, Broncos, Rockies, and Avalanche. As referenced above, college prop bets are not available, which is similar to most other states.

Customer support

Chatting with a customer service agent online is becoming more and more popular. It’s like a convenient DM for questions about your account. Many companies offer it as an option for those who prefer to ask questions without having to talk on the phone, which, let’s be honest, is almost all of us. WynnBET has an excellent chat option available, with operators available almost immediately to answer your questions. Live chat can be accessed at any time by clicking on ‘Support & FAQs’ within the user profile menu and submitting a message.

In addition to the helpful chat function, WynnBET has an extensive FAQ section on its website and app with answers to most commonly asked questions, including deposit and withdrawal options, explanations of how free bets and parlay boosters work, and information on how to navigate your account. In addition to that, there are options on the website for more information on house rules, the Cash Out option, current promotions, available resources for help with problem gambling, and account information. Between the website and the chat function, you should have no problem getting your questions answered. But if your question was unfortunately not answered, you can always submit an email request and someone will get back to you shortly.

All email requests can be sent to cosupport@wynnbet.com.

Phone support is also offered: 201-383-2837.

WynnBET Sportsbook CO Verdict

  • New Player Bonus
  • Pricing and Lines
  • Game Selection
  • Software
  • Banking

As one of the premier online sportsbook options in the U.S. sports betting market, WynnBET Colorado has a lot going for it. The app works really well, the welcome offer has tremendous value, pricing is competitive, and it's easy to deposit and withdraw. Overall the WynnBET app is a solid product for sports bettors of all types, from casual players to experienced sharps.


Ted Dahlstrom works in the Seattle area as a Content Strategist for Better Collective. Ted’s background is in government and communication, but his passion has always been writing about sports and sports betting, which led him to BC in an unexpected alignment. He avidly follows all the Seattle sports teams and Gonzaga basketball.