PointsBet Sportsbook Colorado – 2022 Promo Code & Review

First launched in Australia, PointsBet came to the states in 2019 when New Jersey sports betting came online, and they’ve continued to set up shop in other states since. As a result of its partnership with Colorado’s Double Eagle Hotel and Casino, PointsBet is now able to offer online betting within the state. 

Since the inception of the legal online gambling market in the United States, PointsBet has emerged as one of the industry leaders with their willingness to stand out in terms of wagering options and the innovative technology behind their product.

Below, we’ll get into what we like and don’t like about the PointsBet offerings and what makes them unique from other operators. Are they perfect? Certainly not, but they do a lot of things well and should pose a threat to online leaders like FanDuel Sportsbook CO and DraftKings Sportsbook CO as they try to carry their momentum into the Rocky Mountains.

PointsBet Sportsbook Colorado welcome bonus

Those who are new to PointsBet will be welcomed with a valuable bonus offer upon signing up. New players who sign up using any of the promotional links on this page will be able to take advantage of two risk-free bets up to $2000 total.

The first risk-free bet is to be used on any standard bet on any fixed odds market up to $500, with the other $1,500 free bet coming via their “PointsBetting” format. We’ll get deeper into the PointsBetting format below, but it’s a form of betting where the amount won or lost depends on the size of the scoring margin at the end of a game.

PointsBet Sportsbook CO – 2022 bonus code & details

PointsBet CO Promo CodeUnavailable
New Player Bonus$2100 in Total Bonuses
Code ValidUnavailable
Colorado PartnerDouble Eagle Hotel and Casino

Breaking down the bonus

(1) After you make your first deposit, you can place a risk-free wager up to $500. A player may choose to make a smaller wager, but a $500 bet would take full advantage of the bonus. If the player wins that bet, they keep the winnings just like they would with any other bet. Congrats! If the bet is lost, the player would receive betting credits equaling the amount of the lost wager.

(2) A player can also place a risk-free wager up to $1500 on a PointsBetting style bet, and the same rules would apply. In order to fully capitalize on the offerings, players will want to place a PointsBetting wager with a maximum loss threshold of at least $1500 (though it can certainly be for less). 

There are some caveats. The risk-free bonus bets awarded for losing wagers can’t be placed on heavy favorites, so no sides greater than -200. Also, as with all betting, players must be at least 21 years of age and within Colorado state lines in order to wager. Players do not need to be within state lines in order to register or access their account, so those planning to visit the state can go ahead and claim the offer as they prepare for their visit.

Additional $100 bonus – Updated March 2022

In addition to the bonus listed above, PointsBet just announced a brand new bonus for the 2022 NCAA basketball tournament. During each round, everyone, both new and existing customers, who bets $50 or more on one of the March Madness games, receives a FREE $20 live bet to be used for a live/in-game bet during that same round. Since there are 5 rounds in the Tournament, you can get up to $100 in free live bets to make things a bit more interesting during March Madness. What a deal!

Why bet at PointsBet CO Online?

  • Great bonuses and promotions: PointsBet is a growing entity in the betting industry and they’ve put plenty of resources into marketing and trying to attract new players in addition to holding onto those they already have. They seem to offer new odds boosters on an almost daily basis and are regularly adding value to players with different promotions. Lots of these offers tend to occur for marquee games or events, both nationally and in the local area. They may not always be this generous – in other words they may not be in growth mode forever, so take advantage now! 
  • Innovative mobile apps that simplify betting on-the-go: PointsBet offers both an iOS and Android app, and if you are familiar with their desktop site, you may have noticed plenty of similarities between the app interface and the desktop interface. Both are easy to navigate and simple to use. Betting options are laid out clearly in an easy to read format. 
  • Player rewards: When a sportsbook offers the type of regular promotions that PointsBet does, you can expect them to have strong offerings in terms of player rewards. They are one of only a few books that actually offer players a worthwhile kickback on their action – players claim points based on how much they wager and can redeem those points for free bets.
  • Betting selection: PointsBet is up there with any sportsbook when it comes to betting selection. PointsBetting is the big draw, but looking at more general offerings, PointsBet still stands up to the test. 
  • Live betting: Relative to other books, PointsBet offers a ton of in-play betting. Even games that barely scratch the surface of public interest have deep in-play betting options, so those looking for action will always be able to find it here. 

What are some drawbacks?

  • Layout can be a bit confusing: PointsBet can be a bit hard to navigate if you are used to other sportsbooks. It may take a few sessions of betting before you are truly comfortable with finding the bets you would like to place. 
  • Lack of “true’ teaser offerings: PointsBet does not offer true teaser bets, but they do put their own spin on it. They consider them more of “Pick your own” bets – in a sense, players can pick their own alternative spreads or totals and attach it to different lines for different games to create a form of teaser. 

Special Offers, Promotions and Bonuses

You can probably tell by now that we’re happy with the promotional offers and bonuses coming from PointsBet. Especially during busy sports seasons, there are always different types of offers available to players that either boost odds or offer some type of “insurance” to bettors. For example, parlay insurance, where if you bet a four-leg parlay and lose one, you’ll get your stake back (up to a certain amount).

PointsBet has run NHL promotions where if the team you bet goes up by two or more goals at any point in the game, the bet cashes regardless of whether that team wins or not. A similar promotion was run for Champions League contests, where bets were paid out after the first half for those with winning tickets at the time. Keep an eye on the PointsBet promotions page, which is easily accessible from the homepage. 

PointsBet Colorado Loyalty Program

Good news — there is a true loyalty program here, unlike what’s currently available with some competitors.

The system at PointsBet is pretty simple – players receive free money in the form of bonus bets based on their activity. Players earn one Reward Points for every $5 in wagers on fixed-odds wagers. 100 Reward Points will earn you a dollar in free bets. Once you accumulate enough points, go to the rewards section and redeem them for your free bets, which will show in the “Bonus” field alongside your current cash balance.  You can rack up Rewards Points at a higher rate in other areas of the book. Players can earn one reward point for every $1 wagered on n parlays and PointsBetting wagers. 

Requirements can differ by sport or season, but players are constantly provided with opportunities to place wagers on the house’s dime.

For example, during the 2019 football season, PointsBet was offering a bonus for NFL/CFB bettors. For every 25 NFL or CFB wagers placed, the player would be awarded a $100 free bet. There are terms and conditions that come attached to these offers, so make sure to read the fine print. The reward in this example is fairly small given that a minimum wager of $50 is required to qualify as a bet towards the quest for 25, and having to wager at least that amount 25 times over makes a $100 reward seem small. However, that’s not atypical industry-wide and free money is still free money!

Software Platforms

PointsBet has been ahead of the curve in terms of their technology, seemingly turning their mobile app into a viable desktop site rather than vice versa, a nice touch in the modern betting market. Players can access PointsBet via the app on iOS or Android, or via the desktop site. Regardless which you choose, the layout is more or less identical which is great for ease of use. 

PointsBet mobile app for iOS and Android users

This app is very easy on the eyes. It’s as modern looking and sleek as it gets, and the functionality is fantastic to match the eye appeal. It’s simple to use and allows players to quickly view available betting options by sport, place quick parlays and view their bet-slip with the simple tap of a finger. To place any type of wager, simply click on the side you want to bet, select the bet amount and add it to your bet-slip. In order to place wagers, players will need to be within Colorado state lines.

The menu option in the bottom left-hand corner is a sweet spot. From there, you can view available promotions, in-play betting options, upcoming lines, and can also view all active markets and quickly slide over to the sport or wager type you choose. 

Quick Parlay is an option available from the bottom of the page that does exactly what the name would suggest – makes parlays quick and easy (of course, it’s your job to make them painless)! From here, players can view all upcoming bet options. This option allows bettors to quickly select the legs of their parlay while instantly seeing the payout odds. From there they can choose whether they want to add the parlay to their bet-slip. 



The desktop and mobile apps have a lot of similarities, but there are some small differences. The menu option is accessible via the icon in the top left-hand corner of the page, where players can view promotions and all current and upcoming game offerings on the site.

Outside of some small differences in layout, the desktop site is similarly easy to use with a sleek, modern design that is genuinely satisfying to the eye.

Banking at PointsBet CO: Deposits and Withdrawals

Arguably the most frustrating thing about PointsBet is that they don’t offer PayPal as an option to withdraw or deposit, a preferred option for most. But it’s not all that tough to get your account funded or gather winnings – players can use  different online banking methods or the time-tested physical check.

Here are your full options for deposits:

  • PayPal: Use the world’s most popular e-wallet to safely, securely and instantly make deposits and withdrawals.
  • ACH/e-Check: Just link a checking account and you can use that to make instant deposits. This is the best method available on PointsBet due to it being both safe and instant. 
  • Online banking: If your bank offers Bill Pay, which tons of banks do, you can sign in through your banking institution in order to deposit funds. 
  • PointsBet Card: This is a pre-paid card that can be helpful for players who are having issues depositing via ACH/e-Check. After signing up, players can load their PointsBet card with their checking account funds and then access the card online for usage. Those who sign up will also receive a physical card in the mail that can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. 
  • Credit or debit card: While this is a great option for most purchases in the modern world, credit and debit cards aren’t the best option here, but it is available.
  • PayNearMe: PointsBet will supply players with a barcode that they can take to a local 7-11, CVS or Family Dollar. The cashier will scan your code, you’ll hand them the deposit in cash, and your account will be loaded with those funds. Using this method may disqualify you from certain promotional offers, so be sure to check on that.

As for withdrawing, your best method is PayPal. Once approved, the funds will be in your PayPal account instantly. The offerings here are rather limited with credit and debit cards not being an option for withdrawal, but players can withdraw using the PointsBet Card and access funds via ATM as well.

Available Sports and Betting Selection

There aren’t many restrictions in Colorado – outside of not allowing prop bets on collegiate sports, Colorado bettors can choose to wager on whatever they’d like. From the NFL and the NBA to professional ping pong, PointsBet has a wide array of offerings and you won’t have any trouble finding action here. PointsBet offers betting markets for:

  • Major Sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, PGA)
  • Boxing/UFC
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Foreign sports leagues (Euro basketball, Korean baseball and many, many others)

What Is PointsBetting?

Here’s an area where PointsBet is absolutely unique. Sure, they offer your standard points spreads, totals, moneylines, parlays, futures and everything else bettors have grown accustomed to, outside of traditional teasers. But they’ve also put a considerable amount of effort into PointsBetting, which is completely different from fixed odds betting. This is because your potential winnings or losses from a bet aren’t fixed, but are variable right until the very end of the game.

What is PointsBetting? In short, the more “right” you are, the more you win. But the more wrong you are, the steeper your loss. Bet with conviction here!

For example, if you bet the Broncos -14 and they end up winning 45-0, you’re in for a big payday. On the flip side, if you happened to lay +14 with the Dolphins in the same matchup and they suffered the 45-0 shutout, you’d be taking a big loss.

If your bet wins by one point, you would win 1x your bet amount/increment, which might be $1 or could be $150. If your bet wins by 10 units, you win a 10x return. Players can set a “max loss” amount to ensure they don’t get way behind, but that also caps their potential ceiling. 

PointsBet offers a vast range of prop bets with PointsBetting. Some bets are based around time in minutes or seconds, with each minute or second being a multiplier for winnings or losses. For example, in the NBA, you can bet on the time of the first field goal attempted by a player. If you bet the over on 20 seconds for the first field goal attempted and a player takes his first shot at the 50-second mark, you would win 30x your investment. If the player took his first field goal attempt at the 10-second mark, the bettor would have a 10x loss, so a $10 stake would equate to a $100 loss.

Betting Lines And Prices

As far as pricing, PointsBet can be a mixed bag, but more often than not they are at or above industry standard. 

  • Prop pricing is an area where they stand out. Props are priced at -110 generally, which is above average relative to the industry where -115 is more common. We’ve seen props priced at -105 on each side here for certain major sporting events, typically within either the NFL or NBA. 
  • Point spreads and totals are also priced at -110 (-110 on both sides or -115/-105), which is industry standard.
  • Parlay odds are also competitive with the industry standard: +265 odds on two-leg parlays, +595 for three-leg. 
  • Futures prices, it’s hit or miss. Sometimes you’ll find an industry-best price here but are just as likely to come across a bad one. 

Cash Out

After you place a bet, you may see a “Cash Out” option available. This allows players to claim their winnings – or cut their losses – on a pregame wager prior to the outcome being determined. This option isn’t available for all bets and in general, cashouts don’t really add value for the player most of the time. An icon will be placed on each bet where a cash-out option is available. 

PointsBet Colorado’s Land-Based Sportsbook

PointsBet originally hails from Australia but is making its presence felt in the U.S. Their first U.S.-based headquarters were in New Jersey, and they have a second headquarters stationed in downtown Denver

PointsBet has also teamed up with the Double Eagle Hotel and Casino to build out a land-based sportsbook in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Double Eagle obtained its Master License in February. The venue is expected to be a sports entertainment haven with a bar, a full odds board and wall-to-wall televisions.

As of November 2020, there isn’t any concrete information on the projected launch, but the PointsBet-branded facility will be the company’s second physical sportsbooks in the United States. Its first land-based sportsbook opened in Iowa in 2019. Along with Colorado, PointsBet will be adding another physical location in Illinois. 

More on PointsBet

Before launching in Colorado, PointsBet began in Australia and moved over to the United States when New Jersey came online in 2019 following the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act also known as PASPA.  Since then, PointsBet has set up shop in Indiana and Iowa with plans to launch in other states as legislation moves forward. 

Their partnership with Double Eagle Hotel and Casino was the last major step for PointsBet in the state of Colorado. With the partnership, PointsBet is able to launch both a mobile and land-based sportsbook. The land-based sportsbook will be built in Cripple Creek, CO, making it the second of its kind in the U.S.

In addition to the presence of a physical sportsbook, PointsBet also chose Colorado to be home base for its second U.S. headquarters as they look to take advantage of Denver’s tech culture. PointsBet’s Colorado office will have up to 200 employees!

PointsBet Sportsbook CO Verdict

  • New player bonus
  • Pricing and lines
  • Game selection
  • Software
  • Banking

PointsBet's unique offerings, such as PointsBetting, along with its competitive pricing and easy-to-use software platforms (both mobile and desktop) will make PointsBet a premier option in the newly regulated, legal CO sports betting scene. Will they stand a Mile High above the rest and compete with sports betting goliaths such as DraftKings and FanDuel when all is said and done? Only time will tell, but we aren't betting against them.

Very Good

Brett Smiley is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Sports Handle, which joined forces with the US Bets team in November 2018. He focuses on the sports betting industry and legislation. He's an avid sports bettor himself, mainly on NFL and college basketball contests. In a past life, Smiley practiced commercial litigation in New York City and previously wrote for FOX Sports and SI.com. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Michele, son Nolan, and their two English bulldogs, Chief and Boomer.