A Taste Of The French Alps Coming To Colorado’s Cripple Creek Gaming Strip


Full House Resorts is bringing a “level of elegance” to Cripple Creek with the company’s announcement of the name of its forthcoming hotel and casino project: Chamonix Casino Hotel.

Located next to the company’s Bronco Billy’s Casino, the new resort will bring the region’s first VIP guest suites, as well another 300 guest rooms and a casino gaming area. The entire project is being branded as bringing a touch of Europe to the area.

“Chamonix will bring the luxury of the French Alps to the Rockies, combining ‘European Elegance with Colorado Comfort,’” Daniel R. Lee, the president and chief executive officer of Full House Resorts said in a press release. “Our new property takes its name from Chamonix-Mont Blanc, the world-famous French alpine resort and site of the first Winter Olympics in 1924. Some five million people visit Chamonix in France each year.”

In addition to the hotel and casino, the company said the resort will also feature fine dining options, meeting and convention areas, space for concerts, a rooftop pool, and a spa. The entire project is expected to be completed by late 2022.

“At our Chamonix, guests can experience Pikes Peak and the surrounding area’s natural beauty by hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, fishing, fossil hunting, and exploring local gold-mining operations and historic railways,” Lee said. “Chamonix will also, of course, offer the Rocky Mountain region’s finest and most exciting casino and amongst its best dining and spa experiences.”

Bronco Billy’s to be renovated

Full House decided to move forward with the project after Colorado voters in November approved eliminating the $100 bet limit for wagering and casino games. Voters also approved the addition of multiple new casino games.

“The November 2020 changes in Colorado’s gaming laws eliminated betting limits and allowed the addition of new table games,” Lee said. “In response, we increased our plans for the new hotel in Cripple Creek, expanding the room base by 67%.”

One hiccup in the construction is Bronco Billy’s, which will continue to be in operation during the construction. Chamonix is being built on some of Bronco Billy’s existing footprint, and at some point during the construction, Bronco Billy’s hotel rooms will be shuttered for a spell. As a result, Full House has also purchased the Carr Manor, a hotel that is a short walk from the casino.

Furthermore, once Chamonix opens, Bronco Billy’s, a 29-year-old property that includes a Twin Spires retail sportsbook, will be closed for a few weeks to be spruced up.

“Bronco Billy’s will continue to operate during construction of Chamonix, which has just begun,” Lee said. “When Chamonix opens, we plan to temporarily close Bronco Billy’s for several weeks to extensively refurbish that 29-year-old casino. The new Bronco Billy’s will continue to offer its Western theme under the Bronco Billy’s name and will be connected to the adjoining Chamonix Casino Hotel. Loyalty points earned today at Bronco Billy’s will be redeemable at Chamonix, once it opens, and vice versa.”

Jeff is a veteran journalist, working as a columnist for The Trentonian newspaper in Trenton, NJ for a number of years. He's also an avid sports bettor and DFS player. He can be reached at jedelstein@bettercollective.com.

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